A&G Law LLC has proven experience in pricing legal services based on the value we provide.

A&G team in conference room

We welcome a dialogue with our clients about alternatives to traditional hourly billing. Some examples that we have successfully implemented are:

Fixed fee litigation budgets.

For many cases, we can provide a fixed fee task-based budget or fixed monthly fee, providing clients with critical predictability as the matter proceeds.

Partial contingent fees.

We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for business clients in commercial disputes utilizing partial contingent fee arrangements. In those cases, the client’s monthly fee is fixed or capped at a very reduced rate and the firm receives a percentage of any ultimate recovery.

Discounted fixed or hourly fees with value-add contingencies.

Perhaps the best way to align client and lawyer interests and to fairly share litigation risk is to use value-add contingencies, sometimes called “success fees.” In these cases, we agree on a discounted base fee that can be determined using hourly rates, fixed fees or even a monthly retainer. Then we agree to a “success fee,” payable only upon some defined result and based on the value of that result to the client.

Risk collars.

Risk collars are another model of value billing. In these arrangements, a fixed fee per task is agreed to, but subject to adjustment based on how the case unfolds. If a case ends up being more complicated than anticipated, the client agrees to pay some additional amount. If the case is resolved more easily than anticipated, A&G Law reduces its bill

We also recognize that some clients prefer, and some cases are better matched to, hourly billing arrangements. This includes counseling representations and investigations. In those cases, we are proud of our record of efficiency and project management, which ensure that A&G Law delivers value in those cases, too.

A&G Law means it when it says that one size does not fit all. That applies to fee arrangements, too. Our only unwavering principle is that we will provide value to our clients.